Archroma and Artistic Milliners forge Strategic Partnership, Driving Towards Sustainable Solutions


Archroma and Artistic Milliners forge Strategic Partnership, Driving Towards Sustainable Solutions

Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Artistic Milliners, one of the world’s top denim fabric manufacturers. These two industry leaders will join forces to implement resource-saving techniques through sustainable solutions designed for long-term impact, as well as further strengthen compliance standards through an extensive training program.

The collaboration between Archroma and Artistic Milliners aims to establish a highly synergistic training platform at the Archroma Center of Excellence in Karachi. Aside from imparting training on the implementation of mandatory technical requirements in compliance and safety to the Artistic Milliners employees, Archroma is also taking it a step further to share resource saving initiatives, especially water and energy, practiced at Archroma.

Additionally, Archroma will also periodically share advancements in denim-based research. A key component of this partnership is Archroma and Artistic Milliners working together to develop new and sustainable solutions that would value add both the local and global denim markets.

Mr. Mujtaba Rahim, CEO, Archroma commented, “With the industry’s broadest portfolio, we are now able to offer the textile industry with cutting-edge technologies and high-performance solutions that bring together efficiency and sustainability. This partnership is set to foster mutually beneficial market dynamics and strategies. By leveraging our well-established solutions in current markets, this collaboration opens doors to new possibilities. I am confident that Artistic Milliners and Archroma will set a shining example of collaboration in the industry.”

“As a leading player in the denim industry, we are thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with Archroma to spearhead sustainability through innovation. This partnership allows us to remain at the forefront of the ever-changing global market while continuing to introduce fresh solutions in denim. We are confident that this impactful alliance will lead to substantial advancements in denim standards in the near future,” said Mr. Faisal Aziz, Director Operations, Artistic Milliners.

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